Our mission of building 10,000 TechKrafters aims to not just train our own fresh recruits but also reach out to educational institutions and individual students eager to develop high-level tech skills. Every apprentice that walks into a TechKraft workshop learns the valuable skillsets necessary to become innovators and trailblazers through mastery of technological knowledge and abilities.

Academic Partnership​

Learn from Professionals. Partner with us to connect your students with industry experts rich in experience from across the tech-landscape.

Apprentice Programs​

Upgrade your career prospects with our skill intensive 3 months training program. Experience in-depth learning of high-tech courses that preps you to tackle professional challenges.


The fastest way to boost your knowledge and aptitude is to hop on-board TechKraft Bootcamps. Meet experts that can set you on the fast-track for coding, design, process building, and much more.

Build your Foundation

Before you enter the tech world build your foundation on the basic of the Tech industry. You might be a recent college graduates or someone who is starting the journey in tech just now, we help you all to build the foundation. Students have an extensive course list to choose from spanning software development and graphic design to digital marketing and creative writing.

Design Thinking ​

Creativity and innovativeness are at the heart of a successful project or entrepreneurship. Train in design workshops to nurture mindsets of problem solving through innovative ideas. Our design thinking training will equip your team to become creative in coming up with new ideas, validating them and getting your first customer onboard.

Design Fundametals ​

You will be engaged in learning essential principles of product design and graphic layouts that creates foundations for brilliant ideas to manifest.​​

Agile Methologies​​

Technology is difficult to master but with an adaptive framework in mind any new challenge can be resolved with agility. We’ll help you learn Agile Fundamentals, Scrum and Kanban Framework, and get them up to speed on the how of the Scrum Master’s day to day job.

Software Engineer Practices

Learn to commit, push code, pull request, built a pipeline. Build the foundation to be best in the industry. A good habit engrave in you can help you ​be a better software engineer.

Security Assessment Training

The threat landscape of Cyberspace expands rapidly and existing technology ages giving hackers more time to create vulnerabilities. Everyone from private citizens to multinational corporation require cybersecurity to protect from data theft and bad actors. The stakes are high and specializing in analysis and detection of cyber risks can greatly benefit learners in all levels of society.

Cyber-hygiene Training

Hygienic practices enhance awareness and equips students with pre-emptive measures necessary to secure individual tech assets. Cyber-hygiene can also be expanded to give large-scale safety training in organizational settings.

Start Learning with us

Do you want to learn more about Software Development, QA, Cloud engineering, Cybersecurity, Content Writing, Graphic Design, and all our other course offerings?

Our experts are eager to listen to you and your countless curiosities.

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Community & Beyond

Shaping a tech-powered tomorrow led by the bold and brilliant minds.

We envision a world where bold minds work towards a sustainable future through tech-powered interventions across a multiplicity of sectors. Together we can build a community of educators, programmers, engineers, designers, and many more brilliant avant-garde trailblazers.


Together, we have a dream to change lives of 10,000 individuals.

We have a dream, and for the dream, we have been designing programs for the next trailblazing talents. We are actively working with our partners to make this dream come true.
Honing Kraftmenship in technology, design, agile thinking, and process learning through apprenticeship programs is the roadmap we have built for achieving 10,000 TechKrafters.
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