Our massive team of experienced software engineers and marketers are specialists in working with multi-national and enterprise-level businesses. We bring impact to your brand through digital transformation, unlocking new potential and enhancing performance. Our expertise enable your business to evolve and scale with the latest technologies in software, cybersecurity, and marketing.
In Picture: Sulav Shakya & Rikesh Maharjan

Process Streamlining

Agile Transformation

Working with innovative technology is a game changer for your business and a hurdle for your employees. We can help your team develop the mindset necessary to become agile and competent users in the face of challenging systems.

Framework Krafting

Digital transformation and technology upgrades open many doors for your organization to enhance productivity and efficiency. We can help your transition by building processes or frameworks to your team that enable swift adaptation to emerging technology and application of these technologies in streamlining workflow.


Test, Audit & Secure

Build up resilience and a secure enterprise network with experienced cybersecurity personnel that are updated on the vastly expanding threat landscape of our technological society. Our specialists can test the strength of your information systems and create audit reports exposing  vulnerabilities and risks.

Cyber Hygiene Workshops

We provide workshops and training on cybersecurity practices that protect organizational systems from data theft and destructive cyberattacks. Insider threat assessment, incident response, security checks, cloud-based storage, and continuous upgrade to legacy systems are some of the core safety measures we facilitate into your enterprise network.
In Picture: Niraj Chaudhary
In Picture: Rajat Shrestha & Luzan Baral

Software Development

Web & Application Design

Create powerful websites and mobile apps that can captivate users with elegant design and intuitive functionality. Revamp your existing website or start a new online campaign that enhances the digital identity of your brand.

Kraft Advanced Systems

Building massive scale projects such as financial transaction systems or multinational corporate systems is one of our core specializations.

Quality Assurance

Software testing by an experienced crew of QA engineers is a fundamental step towards a reliable product that is client ready.

Marketing and Consultation

Strategic Marketing

Krafting an integrated marketing strategy boost sales, builds brand confidence, and raises in-house digital marketing capabilities. We combine data analytics, digital integration, consultation, and creativity into a team that works along-side with your team. A collaborative approach which discovers optimal marketing solutions for your company to connect with clients and future prospects.

Communication Solutions

Communication is key in enabling various organizational processes to run smoothly. An audit report assesses existing communication tools that include software applications and analogue formats to suggest latest digital solutions to organizational problems.
In Picture: Sulav Shakya, Rikesh Maharjan, Sapana Acharya, Bobby Shrestha & Garima Somani

Kraft Impactful Interventions

Innovate your business processes with custom user-friendly software or optimize performance through our expert advice on how to maximize output through powerful digital tools.
In Picture: Sulav Shakya, Rikesh Maharjan, Sapana Acharya & Garima Somani
In Picture: Santosh Koirala & Punit Jajodia

Team as a Service

Outsource a Stellar
Full-Time Team

Expand your team with our massive roster of Full Time Employees and Resources (FTE) program. Our team of software developers, QA engineers, technical leads, and dozens of on-demand experts can become a core member of your organization to fully support you on your software development projects and endeavours. Hire our team as your own employees and collaborate with them on your own organisational terms to bring your vision to life.
Bringing our outsourced team of experts on a set employment contract are much more cost-effective then creating your own in-house team of software development and design experts. We facilitate your outsourced employees with office spaces and work devices that cuts a large cost factor out of your company’s resource expenses. Giving you the ability to purely focus on achieving goals without the trouble of resource provision, maintenance, or even tax deduction for any of your FTE.

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