Our product design team from Techkraft will be engaged in a four milestones with you for Ideation and brainstorming, competitor analysis and build the Scope of Work of the project. A dedicated team will be engaged in market research, technical research, project documentation. This plan is designed so as to ensure to build a working Minimum Viable Product that is ready to launch for initial adopters, investors and stakeholders.

01. Understand

Domain of Operation

The team will work on understanding the business domain,  identifying activities, derivable and timeline of the project, and define the statement of work with a narrative description of the overall work process.

Refined documentation 

A vital part of any project operation – the team will devise a refined, well defined and easy to read document. The documentation will be able to substantiate the project and establish traceability of the overall process.  

02. Wireframing

Low-fidelity Wireframing

The Low-fidelity Wireframing will provide an initial exemplar for the application and user dashboards.  

High-fidelity Wireframing

The High-fidelity Wireframing will be highly-detailed and will describe in detail the templates developed in the Low-fidelity Wireframing. This will contain elements that will represent the final product. 

03. Design


The team will also be working on building a ready to go Prototype in order to test the concept. The team will then work on aggrandizing precision through system and user analysts.  

UI Design

Once the prototype is thoroughly tested and with collective user feedback, the team will be working on building an enjoyable and satisfying UI for the entire application. 

04. Launch MVP

Minimum Viable Product

With all the feedback, project documentation, SOW, prototype and UI, the team will build the MVP that is ready to launch in the market. The MVP is ready to pitch and present to the investors, stakeholders and initial adopters. The system will be built in a way that it can be scaled to million users in the next milestone.

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