Software Development

Looking for a technology partner to migrate your legacy technology or dreaming of the next big thing? You’re in the right place. We’ve helped companies of all sizes start up and scale up.

Mobile Apps​

Only a mobile app can give the best experience for your customers when they’re on the go. Whether you’re planning an enterprise app or a customer facing app, we’ll choose the right technology and infrastructure for you and make sure your app gets pushed to the Play Store and App store without any hiccups.​

Web Apps​

We’re sticklers for detail, and we’re crazy about data. Combine these two and you get beautiful and functional web apps that work on all modern web browsers and smartphones. We can build entire backend and frontend systems and make important tech decisions (serverless or cloud VMs, React or Angular) that are right for your business.​

Quality Assurance

No one gets it right on the first try. But if you’re an enterprise that can’t afford the cost of never ending customer support tickets, then you need a partner with a solid QA process, and that’s exactly what we’ll deliver.


We’ll choose the infrastructure that fits your budget and needs. After all, the running costs of your business are as important as the development costs of the technology to build it. Our geeks can set up custom servers at your location and run your entire business on the cloud, it all depends on the compliance and business strategy, and it’s all bespoke, just right for you. If you already have a tech team and just need some help scaling up or migrating your infrastructure, that’s cool too. We’ll help.

Technical Expertise

Engineering Strength

Our engineering team consists of experts from different industries domain and background holding strengths on multiple technology stacks. We use proven technology to build web, desktop and mobile platforms implementing the best standards and practices of the industry.

Our Philosophy

Don’t go for the Hype

We work on Battle Tested technology that will stand the test of time. The ROI for your business is the focus, not experimenting with the latest framework or tool.

Clean and maintainable

Clean code is important for two reasons: (1) the same person might not work on the project through it’s lifecycle and (2) the same person might have to work on the project through it’s lifecycle. Either way, clean maintainable code goes a long way in making sure that your project never gets orphaned.

Code Review

We make sure that every piece of code is reviewed by senior developers who will use their experience to flag any bad practices. This process helps us prevent issues, improve the quality of our code and also spread knowledge and best practices across the company.

Continuous Delivery

We write good code and that’s why we deploy everything as soon as possible to the customer. You’ll know the exact progress of your product and make changes along the way.


We get it, the idea you started it might not be the idea you end up with. That’s why we follow Agile with Scrum so that we can change as your product matures and you know more about your customers and the product you want to build.


You want a technology partner that won’t leave security holes in your product. After all, it’s your data and your customers’ data, and a breach can break your company and all the effort you’ve put into it. That’s why we have strong security audit processes to make sure that production data is secure, backed up and always available.