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We are a global IT engineering services company founded by seven industry veterans, bringing together a wealth of expertise as a unified solutions provider. Our team has helped clients worldwide in the healthcare, finance, and high-tech sectors drive business growth across their value chains. We are certified with globally recognized standards in information security, inspiring client trust and enabling us to serve industry segments protected by regulatory compliance. Partner with us to thrive in competitive technology domains, leveraging the benefits of strategic outsourcing and a global workforce dedicated to deliver success.

who we are
We are pioneers of transformation in the digital landscape, driven by a culture deeply rooted in excellence, collaboration, and innovation.
what we do

We are more than just a company but a passionate community of IT professionals driven by a shared desire to create, innovate, and engineer a better future powered by technology.

Leaders behind the TechKraft

Our story

TechKraft got its beginnings from tech community events in Nepal.

Our founders were leaders of different tech and design communities like KTMJS, Ruby Developers Meetup, Agile and Azure.

After organizing lots of these small meetups, they felt the need for an international tech conference that would showcase Nepal’s best.

The regular meetings in preparation of this flagship event eventually became Tech Tuesday, a weekly tech meetup where founders of tech companies met every Tuesday to discuss everything technology.

Listening to each others problems and opportunities, everyone felt that we were all dealing with the same problems of scaling. The thought of combining our strengths to build something bigger had taken shape.

The missing puzzle piece was not the lack of tech talent in Nepal, but experience in scaling, compliance and business operations.

With this in mind, TechKraft Inc was legally incorporated in late 2020 to realize the vision of transforming 10,000 lives through technology.


Our mission is to transforming 10,000 lives through technology.

Our Global Presence
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