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Build next-gen financial technology.

Digital disruptions have revolutionized how people and businesses make transactions, ushering in a new age where financial institutions need to constantly adapt. Partner with us to embrace transformation and stay ahead of ever-evolving market trends.

At TechKraft, we empower fin-tech companies to thrive amidst constant change by navigating the cutting-edge of technology. Our integrated suite of services ensures your business is market-ready for dynamic shifts in customer expectations, delivering personalized digital experiences, process automation, robust consumer privacy, precision analytics, and improved customer satisfaction. 

Our team collaborates with you to build technology that are future-ready, for all segments of financial intuitions. Together, we create next-gen, end-to-end scalable systems that drive efficiency, flexibility, and operational capacity. With the opportunity for financial technology at its peak, whether it’s online banking, digital wallets, or real-time payment gateways, implementing a strategy now ensures resilience and long-term success. 

We engineer compliant financial systems with advanced fraud detection, risk management, data governance, and infrastructure transformation. Partner with us to leverage digital disruptors to create new opportunities and wiser investments that drive business growth. All while reducing costs and enhancing consumer experiences. 

Segments we serve

We specialize in helping financial service providers to unleash their full potential, driving transformative change and sustained growth. 

Commercial Banking

Build better customer experiences with secure, scalable, and user-friendly banking platforms designed for 24/7 account management and seamless financial operations.

Loan Processing

Streamline your loan processing with enhanced data-analytics and automation powered-systems, ensuring faster precision processing of applications.

Digital Payments

Implement versatile digital payment gateways, supporting multiple payment channels, advanced security features, and access to detailed transaction analytics.

Fin Tech Offering

We help financial institutions modernize their systems to evolving customer expectation in the competitive fin-tech market. Here’s how we can help you build better financial technology for enhanced customer experiences. 

Artificial Intelligence

Innovate business offerings with generative AI and machine learning models.

Cloud Engineering

Secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions for operational efficiency.

Cyber Security and Governance

Protect sensitive data with our comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance services.

Data Engineering

Unify data from multiple sources with our data pipeline, warehousing and analytics expertise.

Product Engineering

Build highly scalable and intuitive software products with secure development lifecycles.

Quality Assurance

Accelerate time-to-market with QA solutions leveraging advanced software testing methodologies.

Engagement Models

TechKraft offers health tech services in a range of strategic operational models that best fits your business. We enable you to improve outcomes in your own terms, reshape business models to your preference, and build the infrastructure required to achieve all your ambitions. 

Professional Services

Access a global talent pool to ramp up operations through our streamlined staffing solutions.


Turn vision into market-ready products and services with TechKraft's agile execution.

Managed Services

Simplify operations with our managed services so you can focus on high-value priorities.


Get all the resources necessary to achieve your objectives, focused on delivering excellence.

Build, Operate and Transfer

Partner with us to start an offshore subsidiary and transition to full ownership after operational success.

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