Why We Started The Bootcamp?

At TechKraft, we look for skillsets and abilities more than for paper credentials.

Seeing the demand for cloud solutions, we wanted to create our own program where we could train people to use cloud as a tool to build solutions.

We didn't want this to be a training program where people just learned the interface of a specific cloud provider like AWS or Azure.

That's why we spent months designing an apprentice program called Cloud Developer Apprentice Program.

This program was open for anyone: students, professionals or enthusiasts.

It was a self-paced learning program where the members could learn on their own time and leverage TechKraft's expertise to get unstuck.

Who Is Techkraft Bootcamp For?

You're done with your degree but you feel that you still don't have the skills to make it in tech?

The TechKraft Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to hit pause, and use 3 months of your time to prepare for a rewarding career ahead.


For fresh graduates who are looking for software engineering and product development roles.

Apprentice Program

For professionals working in the industry looking to learn the latest technologies at their own pace, guided by TechKraft mentors.

Did You Know?

of TechKraft Bootcamp Graduates were hired by TechKraft