Win the battle for Tech Talent

Talk to us about your most ambitious dreams and we will help you engineer them to reality.

Hire our Team as your own & collaborate with them on your own organisational terms to bring your vision to life.

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Working Models

Good engineers are hard to find and harder to retain.

Your engineering strength isn’t able to catch up with the pace of your business growth. Fill the gap with stellar engineering talent from the Himalayas.

Ideas are unstoppable, but only with the right execution.

The kind of team needed to go from idea to prototype can look completely different from one that needs to scale an application in production with petabytes of data.

We can provide the right team for whatever stage of growth you are in.

If your long term goal is to establish your own subsidiary in Nepal, we can hand-hold you through the process.

We’ll help you build exactly the kind of engineering team you need, get them fully operational and handover the full team to your own legal entity.



Sometimes, a solution is more than just about engineering expertise.

Our team of experts are ready to jump on a call with you, identify the problem and come up with the right solution.

Data Engineering

Data volume isn’t getting any smaller.

We help you handle your growing volume of data to build warehousing and analytics solutions, no matter your choice of technology.

Cloud Native Development

Design for scability from Day 1 with our expertise in cloud native architecture.

AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP - take your pick.

Infrastructure Engineering

Code can’t do its job unless suppported by the right infrastructure.

We work on designing, developing, automating & monitoring your infrastructure to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

Product Development

Full-stack software development services from experts in technologies like Python, JavaScript, .NET, React, Vue etc.

Build seamless, creative, and cost-friendly digital solutions.

Support & Maintenance

We’re in it for the long haul.

Even after development is over, we’ll make sure your applications keep running smoothly and support your changing customer needs.

How are we different?

Highly Secure Physical Infrastructure

Clean / Green Room Facilities

Efficient Teams Capable of Remote Work

Secure Software Lifecycle Processes

Overlapping Support Hours & Weekend Support

Team with global exposure in multiple domains