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business business potential.

Talk to us about your most ambitious dreams and we will help you with the process of turning them into reality using our state-of-the-art technology solutions.


We have an expert team handpicked from the industry to give you deep insights and a huge pool of professional skills at your service.



Unlock your business potentials. Our decades of expertise in Krafting technology solutions can boost your sales, upscale growth, enhance performance, and nurture agile process for start-ups and enterprise level businesses.


Trainings & Education

Giving what we know! We Kraft workshops designed to hone your skills in tackling latest technologies that transform industries. Fast-track your career with our integrated courses tailored by world-class experts.


Product Innovations

Ideas are unstoppable. At our innovative workspace, we encourage failure. We bring out the creative potential of our team unleashed through liberty to experiment and explore ideas.


Software Development

Ready to Evolve! Access Kraftsmenship to realize dreams with agile integration of market trends. Two decades of Software development experience sets us apart in building seamless, creative, and effective digital solutions.

Work with us

We have a great team of experienced professionals who know what they are doing and are also open to learning something new. A trusted and reliable force that accompanies in transforming avant-garde concepts into trailblazing companies.
In Picture: Sulav Shakya, Rikesh Maharjan, Sapana Acharya & Garima Somani
In Picture: Santosh Koirala & Punit Jajodia

Team as a Service

Outsource a Stellar
Full-Time Team

Expand your team with our massive roster of Full Time Employees and Resources (FTE) program. Our team of software developers, QA engineers, technical leads, and dozens of on-demand experts can become a core member of your organization to fully support you on your software development projects and endeavours. Hire our team as your own employees and collaborate with them on your own organisational terms to bring your vision to life.
Bringing our outsourced team of experts on a set employment contract are much more cost-effective then creating your own in-house team of software development and design experts. We facilitate your outsourced employees with office spaces and work devices that cuts a large cost factor out of your company’s resource expenses. Giving you the ability to purely focus on achieving goals without the trouble of resource provision, maintenance, or even tax deduction for any of your FTE.

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Product Design & Development

Build a Product
with us

Talk to us about your most ambitious dreams and we will help you with the process of turning them into reality using our state-of-the-art technology solutions.
In Picture: Rajat Shrestha & Luzan Baral
In Picture: Sulav Shakya & Rikesh Maharjan

Consulting & Partnership

Scale your Business
to next level!

A winning strategy in the digital era combines ambitious dreams and flawless execution. Our team of industry experts can help you with both. We work alongside you to Kraft transformative digital solutions to scale businesses from startups to enterprise levels.

Technical Expertise

Engineering Strength

Our engineering team consists of experts from different industries domain and background holding strengths on multiple technology stacks. We use proven technology to build web, desktop and mobile platforms implementing the best standards and practices of the industry.

Community & Beyond

Shaping a tech-powered tomorrow led by the bold and brilliant minds.

We envision a world where bold minds work towards a sustainable future through tech-powered interventions across a multiplicity of sectors. Together we can build a community of educators, programmers, engineers, designers, and many more brilliant avant-garde trailblazers.


Together, we have a dream to change lives of 10,000 individuals.

We have a dream, and for the dream, we have been designing programs for the next trailblazing talents. We are actively working with our partners to make this dream come true.
Honing Kraftmenship in technology, design, agile thinking, and process learning through apprenticeship programs is the roadmap we have built for achieving 10,000 TechKrafters.
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