The Future of Jobs in 2022

Nepal has changed a great deal since the covid-19 pandemic toppled existing economic systems in 2019. Several people lost their jobs and livelihoods, others rushed to adopt virtual means to resume work. Only essential workers that serve in hospitals, banks, media outlets, food and medicine suppliers, grocery shops, and waste management retained their physical workplaces, […]

Infrastructure Engineering in Nepal 2022

Nepal is filled with potential for people interested in the field of infrastructure engineering due to massive scarcity of willing engineers who can fulfill the roles for this job. If you are not interested in development and IT is your passion, infrastructure engineering is one of the choices for you. It is said that there […]

Nepal: The next global tech hub

Nepal is home to many world-class IT professionals and a growing number of talented young developers and engineers. Top IT professionals say Nepal has great potential to become the next global hub of technology outsourcing and innovation within the next decade.  “More and more investors are moving out of the US to replicate the philosophy of Silicon Valley in […]

Why Cybercrime skyrockets during the Holiday season?

Why Cybercrime skyrockets during the Holiday season?

The holiday season is precariously titled hacker season as cybersecurity threats rise during the holidays. Christmas is right around the curb but beneath the celebrations, cybercriminals lurk to prey on businesses.  Holiday ransomware is a major issue in the USA with officials putting out frequent warnings before and during holidays. On the fourth of July holidays more […]