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Abacus Insights

Abacus Insights

Abacus Insights is a healthcare data management company dedicated to breaking down silos in the healthcare ecosystem. Their platform standardizes healthcare data providing a highly secure unified data infrastructure that enhances analytics, reduces costs, and improves outcomes.


Starting in 2021, Abacus Insights partnered with TechKraft to outsource their data operations. Initially, the partnership began with TechKraft sourcing a team of 10 data engineers for Abacus Insights. Our partnership has continuously evolved over time expanding to more than 70 employees over a 2-year period, catering to 6 business requirements- Business Analysts, Tech-Ops, Telemetry QA, Data Operations, Project Managers, and SWAT Team.

We achieved fast ramp-up of business capabilities through our talent acquisition, in-house training, and facilitation of resources. To enable large-scale and secure outsourcing of business activities, TechKraft facilitated an Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Nepal compliant to international data security standards as required by Abacus Insights. Our collaborative approach in fostering mutual growth through communication, transparency, documentation, and knowledge sharing has been the outstanding factor in our successful partnership. We are currently in the process of transferring ownership of Nepal-based operations team to Abacus Insights, supplementing their global aspirations of establishing their own offshore subsidiary through our BOT Model.


Before partnering with TechKraft, Abacus Insights business operations were divided among multiple vendors and contractors resulting in ineffective co-ordination, low transparency, insufficient knowledge retention, and higher costs. Limited knowledge sharing and documentation, resulting in difficulty in achieving scale and migration of business operations was a major challenge to growth. Limited talent pool in data engineering domain and lack of knowledgeable resources on the complex US Healthcare ecosystem posed challenges to achieving scale for the client. Navigating government bureaucracy and red tape in foreign nations for establishing an outsourcing subsidiary also posed several investment risks for the client.

Business Requirements

Abacus Insights specializes in healthcare solutions, serving a wide range of healthcare providers, payers, and stakeholders. With a vast repository of healthcare data, they faced challenges in standardization, integration, and analytics due to the complexity and volume of data sources. In accordance with their business requirements Abacus Insights needed the fulfillment of following roles:

1. Business Analyst

Responsible for client follow-ups for Abacus Insights involving the analysis of the Business Requirements Document (BRD) and the subsequent preparation and documentation of Technical Specifications in accordance with the final requirements.

2. Tech-Ops

Collaborate with the data by adhering to TSD guidelines and proceed with the further development in alignment with the Business Requirements Document (BRD).

3. Telemetry QA

Responsible for thoroughly testing and evaluating processes to identify and rectify any issues.

4. Data Operations

 Maintaining data pipelines and ensuring reliable and efficient data flow of Abacus Insights’ production clients. Meeting SLA.

5. Project Manager

Focus on effective planning, co-ordination, and communication, the PM team ensures that projects are delivered on time, within scope, and with optimal resource utilization.

6. SWAT Team

Supports Abacus Insights’ product, delivery, and implementation teams.

Compliance Requirements

Data security across people, processes, technology, and infrastructure necessary to handle sensitive data – PHI (Personal Health Information) and PII (Personal Identifiable Information) – of US healthcare regulated by stringent HIPAA compliance requirements.


1. Assessment and Planning

Conducted a thorough assessment of business needs and provided a strategic roadmap for achievement of business goals. We created a clear and actionable plan, continuously enhancing internal capabilities to KPIs, market dynamics, and client’s evolving needs.

2. Migration Support

Co-ordinated with Abacus Insights and their previous service providers to migrate business operations, bridging knowledge gaps in the process of unifying diverse domain expertise and forming an all-in-one team for our client. We also introduced documentation methodologies to ease future migration efforts and enhance scalability of business processes through a central and shared knowledge repository between TechKraft and Abacus Insights, fostering mutual growth.

3. Collaborative Approach

We facilitated resources and set up remote collaboration methodologies building upon a ‘one team’ mindset. Through this approach, the client has complete transparency, governance, and ownership of their remote team. Our collaborative team adopts the client’s company culture, policies, and reports directly to the client as their own employees.

4. Secure Outsourcing Facility

Provided an Offshore Development Centre (ODC) equipped with data clean/ green room in Nepal. The facility designed with complete physical and network security features, enabled handling of sensitive healthcare data complying with stringent HIPAA regulations.

5. Compliant Workspace

The ODC complied with ISO 27001:2013 standards, as per clients’ needs. We regularly perform rigorous internal and external compliance audits to ensure all policies, processes, and procedures are up to standard. Our certifications fostered client trust and confidence, bolstering growth through integrity.

6. Talent Acquisition and Training

Implemented hiring campaigns, conducted rigorous vetting of talent, and facilitated security training before project onboarding. We also conducted in-house bootcamps to up-skill and re-skill talent to build proficiency in client-specified tools and technologies. Resources knowledgeable about the complex US Healthcare ecosystem were also nurtured through our bootcamps.

7. Dedicated Delivery Manager

Assigned dedicated point of contact for effective communication and timely delivery of business goals.