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Hone your Kraftmenship as a Global Talent

Get ready for a transformational learning opportunity to kraft your future. Whether you’re a experienced professional looking to upskill or a fresher eager to kickstart your career in tech, our bootcamps provide the right platform to help you navigate your next step forward.

Who is TechKraft Bootcamp For?

For Newcomers

You’re done with your degree but you feel that you still don’t have the skills to make it in tech? The TechKraft Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to hit pause, and hone your talent to build up your portfolio and prepare for a rewarding career ahead.

For Professionals

Are you a professional working in the industry looking to learn the latest technologies at their own pace? We will help you take on high value roles and discover opportunities around the world as a top talent.


Graduates have completed our Bootcamps


Advanced Courses for cutting-edge technologies.


Bootcamp Graduates are hired by TechKraft.

Stories/ Testimonials

“TechKraft’s bootcamp equipped me with the skills and confidence to excel in software engineering.”

Rabin Timalsina

“The US Healthcare Bootcamp at TechKraft paved the way for my successful transition into healthcare tech.”

Shanima Shrestha

“The courses at TechKraft Bootcamp is really impressive. It covers all the necessary content to be a proper data engineer.”

Aashish Sapkota


Data Engineering

Learn how to design, build, and maintain robust data pipelines that drive business insights. From data ingestion and storage to transformation and analysis, we cover the full spectrum of data engineering principles and technologies.

.Net Development

Harness the power of .Net framework and C# to create scalable web applications. Master front-end interfaces and back-end server logic for cutting-edge solutions in our immersive bootcamp.


Discover how you can integrate security across any SDLC. Gain hands-on experience with industry-leading tools and practices, including CI/CD, IaC, cloud security, threat modeling and more.

October 2024

Healthcare Engineering Bootcamp
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