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A Simple Guide to Cyber Security 

We live in a world of information. Our dependence on technology, business networks, and digital gadgets has grown well beyond what could have been imagined only a few decades ago. Individuals and their personal lives are stored in a variety of ways using online networks and secure servers.  To secure such sensitive collections of information, […]

Don’t Get Hacked 

A Comprehensive Guide to Cybersecurity Awareness  At home, outdoors, or at the office, we are constantly under threat of cyber-attacks. Security awareness is essential to avoid the loss of valuable data and damage or destruction of devices.   Undoubtedly, the Internet makes our lives easier but threats of spam, identity theft, invasion of privacy, and cyber […]

How to Bake in Quality: The Recipe for Exceptional Solutions 

At TechKraft, ensuring top-notch quality isn’t just a goal; it’s a fundamental principle ingrained in our engineering culture. We follow a meticulous process, akin to crafting a culinary masterpiece, to “bake in” quality throughout every stage of our solution development.  Step 1 Start with the Finest Ingredients: Just as the best dishes start with premium […]

The Future of Jobs in 2022

Nepal has changed a great deal since the covid-19 pandemic toppled existing economic systems in 2019. Several people lost their jobs and livelihoods, others rushed to adopt virtual means to resume work. Only essential workers that serve in hospitals, banks, media outlets, food and medicine suppliers, grocery shops, and waste management retained their physical workplaces, […]