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Revolutionize Care Delivery with Value-Centered Technology

Digital innovations are reshaping healthcare, enhancing optimization, data unification, precision analytics, and personalized experiences. TechKraft enables healthcare organizations to overcome emerging challenges in health data operations, cyber security, cloud migration, and automation, fostering resilience and new opportunities in the evolving health tech landscape.

At TechKraft, we’re committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through cutting-edge technology and solutions. With a focus on providing complete adherence to HIPAA, GDPR and other regulatory compliances, we ensure that patient data remains protected at all times.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with a passion for leveraging technology to enhance outcomes across the healthcare ecosystem. From developers and engineers to healthcare experts and data analysts, we bring together a diverse skillset tailored to client requirements.

We also believe in a collaborative partnership with our clients, ensuring that our technology evolves in step with industry trends, delivering practical, effective health tech solutions that provide higher operational efficiency and improved outcomes throughout the healthcare value chain.

Segments we support

We partner with global healthcare clients to navigate industry transformation and optimize digital healthcare solutions, enhancing the care experience for millions of patients. 


We build enhanced capabilities in unifying data for payers, enabling faster precision processing of medical claims, improved risk adjustment for participation in federal programs, and optimized operations with cost-effective strategies.


Our health tech solutions enable healthcare providers to accelerate their digital transformation, deliver personalized patient experiences, streamline processes from volume to value, and achieve better healthcare outcomes.

Pharmacy benefit managers

We help PBMs achieve regulatory compliance, gain actionable insights for enhanced decision-making, build intuitive software applications, and deploy robust cloud infrastructure.

Health Tech Offerings

Maximize cost-efficiency, streamline operational workflows, and enhance outcomes through our comprehensive health tech services.  From engineering healthcare software to compliant health data operations, here’s how we can help you drive tangible improvements across the healthcare value chain.

Artificial Intelligence

Innovate business offerings with generative AI and machine learning models.

Cloud Engineering

Secure, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions for operational efficiency.

Cyber Security and Governance

Protect sensitive data with our comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance services.

Data Engineering

Unify data from multiple sources with our data pipeline, warehousing and analytics expertise.

Product Engineering

Build highly scalable and intuitive software products with secure development lifecycles.

Quality Assurance

Accelerate time-to-market with QA solutions leveraging advanced software testing methodologies.

Engagement Models

TechKraft offers health tech services in a range of strategic operational models that best fits your business. We enable you to improve outcomes in your own terms, reshape business models to your preference, and build the infrastructure required to achieve all your ambitions. 

Professional Services

Access a global talent pool to ramp up operations through our streamlined staffing solutions.


Turn vision into market-ready products and services with TechKraft's agile execution.

Managed Services

Simplify operations with our managed services so you can focus on high-value priorities.


Get all the resources necessary to achieve your objectives, focused on delivering excellence.

Build, Operate and Transfer

Partner with us to start an offshore subsidiary and transition to full ownership after operational success.

Ready to Partners with us?

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